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Prairie State Winery


This is a broad selection of reds that we regularly make. For specific inquiries, stop by the tasting room or give us a call!

Illinois Prairie State Winery Vin Rouge unfiltered meritage French Bordeaux. Dry red wine. Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Norton grapes.

Vin Rouge

Illinois Prairie State Winery Cabernet Franc grapes or Cab Franc similar to Cabernet Sauvignon Best wine in Illinois 2010 and 2011 Illinois Wine Competition Best in Show at the State Fair. Dry red wine.

Cabernet Franc '13

Illinois Prairie State Winery Chambourcin Reserve is like California Sangiovese. Best wine in Illinois 2012 Illinois Wine Competition Best in Show at State Fair. Dry red wine. grape.

Chambourcin Reserve

An Old World style, unfiltered meritage of Norton, Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc. Full-bodied with grippy tannins. This wine benefits from decanting.

This classic European grape, grown in Southern Illinois has great tannins and depth, yet is not as intense as a big Cabernet Sauvignon.


This 100% barrel aged reserve uses the best grapes available from Southern Illinois. Perfectly balanced with an exquisite bouquet and soft, rich finish.

Winner of Best In Show for 2012 at Illinois Wine Competition.

$21.49 or $18.26 cs

$23.99 or $20.39 cs

$17.99 or $15.29 cs

Red Oak
(Quercus Rubra)

Northern Illinois Prairie State Winery. Nawt'n is Norton Grape. Similar to Shiraz or Malbec. Dry red wine.


Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Prairie Red is Chambourcin grape. Dry Red wine. Similar to Chianti. Dry red wine.

Prairie Red

A medium-bodied,
dry, barrel-aged red
made with Norton grapes.
Smoky with hints of
black cherry.
Pinot Noir-like.
Serve with beef or hearty stews.

Made with the Norton
grape (hence it's name)
this dry red is
wonderfully balanced
and rich in flavor.
Can be enjoyed wherever
a fine red fits.

A soft-dry red made
with Chambourcin grapes.
Medium-bodied with hints
of cherry and oak with
a smooth finish.
Perfect with pasta.

$17.49 or $14.86 cs

$16.99 or $14.44 cs

$14.99 or $11.89 cs

Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Cattleman's Red is Chambourcin and Foch grapes. Shiraz or Merlot. Dry red wine.

Cattleman's Red





This is the barbeque
wine for dry red lovers.
Holds up nicely with
grilled steak or chops
yet will not overpower
your burgers or kebobs.

A super soft and easy drinking red with an attractively fruity nose and sweet oak finish. Perfect with tomato based pasta dishes!
Made from 100% locally grown Marquette grapes. This un-oaked red is fruity, off-dry and light bodied making it perfect for casual fare like pizza or burgers

$14.49 or $11.89 cs

$15.99 or $13.59 cs
$14.99 or $11.89 cs

recover noir

Recovery Noir

A little sweet, a little dry, a little fruity, a little oaky and a lotta good! The more optimistic version of our Recession Noir.

$11.99 or $10.19 cs

Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Prairie Dog is Concord Grape. Sweet red, grape jelly.

Prairie Dog

A sweet red made with Concord grapes. Light-bodied and fruity; reminiscent of Grandma's grape jelly. Serve chilled.

$11.99 or $10.19 cs




Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Maria's Sangria.

Maria's Sangria

Our take on the Spanish classic. Serve chilled with fresh fruit or frozen grapes. Great for summer gatherings and barbecues!

$13.49 or $11.47 cs

Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Pioneer Red is Chambourcin grape. Chianti red.

Pioneer Red

A chill-able, semi-sweet blend that is similar in style to Lambrusco. A Prairie State classic.

$13.49 or 11.47 cs

Blush Wines


racey dry blushRacey

Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Prairie Rose is similar white zinfandel or white zin.Prairie Rose

Northern Illinois Wine. Prairie State Winery. Pink is a sweet rose or blush with catawba and concord grapes. Donate to breast cancer.Pink

An off-dry Frontenac Rose that exhibits a nice creamy texture with strawberry and cheesecake aromas. Serve nicely chilled with charcuterie.

A semi-sweet blush blend of Seyval, Chambourcin grapes. Fruity and very easy to drink. A great gift wine. Serve chilled with most foods.

Catawbas are pink,
Concords are blue,
these kissing cousins
are sure to please you.
Drink Pink any way you like,
with anything you like.

$14.49 or $12.32 cs

$12.49 or $10.62 cs

$12.99 or $11.04 cs