Kishwaukee Blue

See why this is our most popular wine. Made in a German style with Illinois grapes.

$14.99 or $12.74 cs

State White
A crisp, dry white made with the Vidal Blanc grape. Pinot Grigio-esque. Serve chilled with seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes.

$14.99 or $12.74 cs Oak Savanna
A barrel-aged, dry white made with Charonnel grapes. Oaky and rich. Vanilla and caramel aroma. Serve chilled with spicy dishes.

$15.99 or $13.59 cs​Maria's Sangarita
If you like margaritas, then this wine is for you! Try this delightful white wine flavored with natural key lime juice. Enjoy with your favorite mexican dish. 

$13.99 or $11.89 cs Snap!
Slightly sweet white wine infused with organic ginger. Designed for all Asian cuisine including thai and sushi.
$14.99 or $12.74 csGewurztraminer
Just enough sweetness to bring this aromatic wine into perfect balance. The natural spiciness pairs nicely with Asian cuisine.

$15.99 or $13.59 csKishwaukee Blue
See why this is our most popular wine. Made in a German style with Illinois grapes.

$14.99 or $12.74 csBubblin' Blue

That's right! A sparkling version of our most popular wine, Kishwaukee Blue. Celebrate that special occasion, even if it's just a TGIF celebration! 

​$16.99 or $14.44 csHoney Orange Blossom 
Tastes as good as it sounds. Sweetened with local honey and orange oil. Mix with a sparkling wine to make a delicious mimosa!

$14.99 or $12.74 csPrairie Mist
Sweet Traminette combined with Seyval Blanc to enhance the citrus notes. Light-bodied, fruity and floral.
$14.99 or $12.74 csPrairie Moscato

An Illinois take on an Italian favorite. Sweet and yummy. A great aperitif.

$13.99 or $11.89 csVignoles
Back by popular demand, this delightful wine exhibits pineapple aromas coming naturally from this Michigan-grown grape varietal.

$14.99 or $12.74 csNiagara 
Grown in its birth place, this sweet wine tastes so much like grapes you'll think you're biting into one!

$13.99 or $12.63 csLacrescent
This semi-sweet white is made with 100% Lacrescent. Exhibits wonderful tropical aromas.

$14.99 or $12.74 csPrairie White
A semi-dry 100% Seyval Blanc that is reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc. Great aromatics and finish.

$14.99 or $12.74 cs