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Pioneer Red

A chillable, semi-sweet red blend that is similar to Lambrusco
$13.99 or $11.89 cs

Cabernet Franc (Sold Out)
A truly classic 100% barrel aged red. Great tannins and depth, yet not as intense as a big Cab. Sauv. Perfect with steak.
$24.99 or $21.24 cs   Fusion
A unique concept of co-fermenting CA-grown Tempranillo with a small amount of IL-grown Frontenac. 100% barrel aged.
$23.99 or $20.39 csRed Oak (Sold Out)
A rich blend of IL-grown Chambourcin and California Petit Sirah. Great depth. Perfect with steak.
$20.99 or $17.84 cs Chambourcin Reserve
Only the best Southern IL-grown Chambourcin grapes make it into this delicious barrel aged red.
$19.99 or $16.99 cs   Vin Rouge
Back by popular demand, this elegant red checks all the boxes. Perfect amount of fruit, oak, tannins, and smoothness.
$20.99 or $17.84 cs  ChambourZin (Sold Out)
A one of a kind blend of barrel aged IL Chambourcin and Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi, CA. A very luscious, semi-dry red.
$23.99 or $20.39 cs​Prairie Red
A soft-dry red made with Chambourcin grapes. Medium-bodied with hints of cherry and oak with a smooth finish. 
$16.99 or $14.44 csNouveau 2018
The first release of the 2018 vintage. Off dry and fruity made with 100% Chambourcin. Perfect with turkey or ham.

$14.99 or $12.74 cs.Cattleman's Red
This is the barbecue wine for dry red lovers. Holds up nicely with grilled steak or chops, yet will not overpower burgers or kebobs. 
$14.99 or $12.74 csRecovery Noir
A little sweet, a little dry, a little fruity, a little oaky, a lotta good! The more optimistic version of Recession Noir.
$13.99 or $11.89 cs   Maria's Sangria
Our take on this Spanish classic. Serve chilled in a tall tumbler with fresh fruit.
$13.99 or $11.89 csPioneer Red
A chillable, semi-sweet red blend that is similar to Lambrusco
$13.99 or $11.89 csPrairie Fire
Sweet Frontenac. Hints of cocoa. Serve room temp for ultimate smoothness.
$15.99 or $13.59 csPrairie Dog
100% concord grapes. Light-bodied and very fruit-forward.
$12.99 or $11.04 cs