Prairie Dog

100% concord grapes. Light-bodied and very fruit-forward.

$12.99 or $11.04 cs

A blend of Teroldego and Chambourcin aged in our Tuscan made terracotta vessels called Amphora's. This is the way wine tasted 1000 years ago. There is no oak, only concentrated fruit flavors.

$22.99 btl or $21.98  csP.S. I Love You
This robust Petite Sirah blend is 100% barrel aged and pairs beautifully with red meat.

$24.99 or $22.57 csCabernet Franc
Our signature red. We're very proud of this S. Illinois grown classic red varietal. Elegant, barrel-aged and delicious.

$25.99 or $23.47 csChambourcin Reserve
Only the best Southern IL-grown Chambourcin grapes make it into this delicious barrel aged red.

$20.99 or $17.84 cs   Red Oak 
A robust, barrel-aged blend of Petit Sirah and Chambourcin. Great fruit, tannins, and plenty of backbone. Age-worthy.

$20.99 or $17.84 csBou-Yah ! 
Bourbon barrel-aged Zinfandel that is sure to please both red wine and whiskey drinkers. This wine pairs nicely with beef ribs!

$26.99 or $22.94 csFusion
A unique concept of co-fermenting CA-grown Tempranillo with a small amount of IL-grown Frontenac. 100% barrel aged.

$24.99 btl or $22.57 csCattleman's Red
This is the barbecue wine for dry red lovers. Holds up nicely with grilled steak or chops, yet will not overpower burgers or kebobs. 

$15.99 or $13.59 csChambourZin
A one of a kind blend of Illinois Chambourcin with California Zinfandel. Very rich, fruit-forward, and soft on the palette.

$23.99 or $20.39 csRecovery Noir
A little sweet, a little dry, a little fruity, a little oaky, a lotta good! The more optimistic version of Recession Noir.

$14.99 or $12.74 csMaria's Sangria
Our take on this Spanish classic. Serve chilled in a tall tumbler with fresh fruit.

$13.99 or $11.89 csPioneer Red
A chillable, semi-sweet red blend that is similar to Lambrusco

$14.99 or $12.74 csPrairie Fire
Sweet Frontenac. Hints of cocoa. Serve room temp for ultimate smoothness.

$15.99 or $13.59 csPrairie Dog
100% concord grapes. Light-bodied and very fruit-forward.

$12.99 or $11.04 csSangiovese (Sold Out)
This classic Italian varietal is perfect with tomato sauce-based dishes- From braciole, to lasagna, to pizza

$16.99 or $14.44 csPrairie Red (Sold out)
A soft-dry red made with Chambourcin grapes. Medium-bodied with hints of cherry and oak with a smooth finish. 

$15.99 or $13.59 csVin Rouge (Sold Out)
Back by popular demand, this elegant red checks all the boxes. Perfect amount of fruit, oak, tannins, and smoothness.

$20.99 or $17.84 cs  Club Select (Sold Out)
Part of our Fusion series, this dry, robust red is the product of co-fermenting Malbec and Frontenac. Pairs with hearty beef dishes.

$24.99 or $22.57 cs