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Our Kitchen

We have a lovely outdoor seating area

Food and wine pairing

Panorama of our outdoor dining area

Sweet appetizers

Shrimp tacos

Fruit salad

Our version of a Bloody Mary

Plulled pork with mango coleslaw and a brownie

Assembling pulled pork sandwiches

Bacon egg and cheese sandwich

Our head chef

Roasted garlic bread

Wine smoothie

From our confectionery


Hersey kiss sugar cookies

Beef vegetable soup

Salmon, veggies, and dessert

Stuffed olive salad

Steak, mash, and veggies

Fresh salad

Cheese platter

Ask your server about our daily specials!

Squash soup

We cater as well

Corn chowder

Baguette chips and dips

Corned beef sandwich

Beef stew

Our food and wine pairings are to die for

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