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Cocktail Menu


 -Signature Cocktails-



Brandy Cocktails


Fall Ol' Fashioned $8- NEW!

pumpkin wine, pumpkin pie simple syrup


Brandy Old Fashioned $8

     club soda, simple syrup, orange bitters


Brandy Manhattan $9

 sweet vermouth, bitters, cherry


Café Corretto $9 NEW!

    coffee liquor, cold brew, heavy cream


Gin Cocktails

Lemon Zinger $8 

 lemon juice, simple syrup, bubblin' blue


Crimson Sour $8

cabernet franc, lemon juice, simple syrup


Negroni $9

 Campari, sweet vermouth, orange bitters


Gin and Tonic $8

classic, with lime


-Limit 3-


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